Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Your LIFE in your HANDS

This is the first time a story(a parable told by my Marketing Manager around 12 years back) influenced me so much that I try and follow it in every turn I take.
It goes like this - Once there was a great sage whom everyone in the village looked upto and went for advice, he was never wrong with his predictions . One day a naughty boy decided to prove to the villagers that the sage was fake, so taking a little worm in his hand he approached the sage and in front of everyone he asked the sage , what was there in his hand . The sage replied that it was a worm , to which the boy immediately asked him whether it was dead or alive. "it is in your hands" said the sage . The boy was shocked as he did not expect the sage to know that he planned to crush the worm if the sage said it was alive and vice versa.The sage then said , just like your life which is in your hands either you can kill it or set it free.

As in the story it is up to us to set ourselves free to achieve our goals or crush our aspiration , dreams, for whatever reasons and blame life for not being fair to us. The road is there its up to us to walk on it or shun it , so what if no one has tried it , so what if people feel its a waste , AFTER ALL ITS YOUR LIFE AND ONCE YOU TAKE IT IN YOUR HANDS , HAPPINESS WILL FOLLOW. YOUR DECISION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY . CHOICES ARE MANY CHOOSE THEM CAREFULLY.


Chandrashekhar said...

The life of the Worm is in the hands of the child. It can also be taken as someone life is in someone else hands

Sathiya said...

Ayyo Akka;), emainthive.... so philosophical;)

But I agree, YOUR LIFE IS IN YOUR HANDS, only 2 options, kill it or set it free:)

Blog said...

Actually that was my comment, donno sathya's email id was open ;)